The Truth about the Tea Parties

One of the problems with blogging so infrequently is that I often let major events pass without comment from me.  Instead, I end up on the sidelines watching the drama unfold, shaking my head at what I’m seeing and hearing.

Take these Tea Parties.  I have sat back and watched as time and again reporters have declared that these “teabaggers” are pawns of the Republican Party and Fox News, protesting Barack Obama’s tax increases against the super-rich.  I have also watched as people pre-disposed to disliking both Republicans and Fox have taken those claims to be the truth.

For example, Francisco over at Jawa Report shares these comments left on a friend’s Facebook profile:

Yea…. PAY your taxes losers… we all pay ours… Quit b**ching!!!

This whole idea of the “Tea Party” is another example of the repubs being sore losers as they were replaced by a brother in the white house.

But what are the Tea Parties really about? It’s not about Republican or Democrat, income levels, tax brackets or even about paying taxes at all. It’s about a large segment of the American citizenry who are upset about massive debts our government has taken on against the will of the people in order to spend on bills and programs that are also against the will of the people.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I saw signs and protesters outside of government buildings in Downtown Portland last year to protest TARP while George Bush was still in office.  Those same people are the ones organizing and attending these Tea Parties now that Obama is office.

We don’t like knowing that we will have to repay this money that we didn’t want to borrow in the first place.  We don’t like the loopholes and the earmarks.  In short, we don’t like how our tax dollars are being spent.

It’s really just that simple.


2 comments so far

  1. futiledemocracy on

    They were just anti-Obama bitter Republicans gathering together. That’s pretty much it.

  2. Sockpuppet on

    Wrong. Tea Party protesters have been protesting Republicans too, and as I mentioned in my post, many of these people have been protesting since before Barack Obama was even elected.

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