You wanna talk racism, Mr. Holder?

Larrey Anderson lays the smack down on Eric Holder at American Thinker:

Enough is enough. I have had thirty plus years of enough. I have had enough of being called a “racist.” I will not sit here and be called a racist and a coward by a self-serving, race-baiting politician like Eric Holder…

Racism exists in America only in the communities were it is stipulated, reinforced, and taught as a alternative to the veracity of hard work and lasting opportunity that is the real America. In other words, Mr. Holder, racism, where it exists in this country, is a political and cultural contrivance sustained and manipulated by people like you.

Larrey’s experiences with an adopted African-American son are too good to do justice to with a single quote; go read the whole article.

H/T Jules Crittenden


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