Marvel Recycles Classic Spider-Man Story into Leftist Propaganda

Obama Spider-ManSpider-Man villain the Chameleon, intent on disrupting the 2009 inauguration, makes a fatal error…he disguises himself as Barack Obama, and Spider-Man knows that there can’t be two of The One.

The story, which ends with Spidey sharing a fist-bump with the new president sounds like it has the same punchline as Amazing Spider-Man #80, “On the trail of…the Chameleon!”  In that story, the Chameleon made a similar mistake, in this case disguising himself as Peter Parker.  Obviously there can’t be two Peter Parkers, and the Chameleon was apprehended.

Now, politics and social issues in comics are nothing new; several heroes fought Nazis during WWII, Green Arrow taught Green Lantern about racism, the X-Men are basically about the treatment of minorities and Wonder Woman was created (in part) to show a strong heroine who could keep up with male hero characters.  What’s sad is that rather than offering any kind of social commentary, comics seem to be becoming just another propaganda device for the editors’ political agendas.  Where once comic editors joined with government and went without Comics Code Authority approval in order to publish anti-drug messages, they now glamorize Democrats and threaten to kill Republicans.

Parting Shot: I wonder how Stan feels about Spidey pulling for Barack, when Stan was in the tank for Hillary?

H/T: Newsbusters, Jawa


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