Obama: average isn’t good enough

I know I can’t be alone among those who are already tired of the attacks on recent McCain VP pick Sarah Palin.  What I don’t understand is the attacks on her inexperience.  The exact phrase is something about being “one heartbeat away” from the presidency and since McCain is like, really old you know, that means that someone who has absolutely no executive experience will become president.

This confuses me so much because it rests on my believing that John McCain will die in office and that Palin would prove completely incompetent due to lack of experience.  On the other hand the Democrats want to elect a President who has so little experience that the best reason he could come up with as to why he is more qualified than Palin is that he’s participated in his own presidential campaign.  Add to that the harsh reality that if Obama dies in office, our next president is a man who thought we should send a $200 million check to Iran and that we should ethnically segregate Iraq.

Sometimes I wonder if the Obama campaign is trying to sabotage their candidate.  They attacked McCain on Cheney’s 2005 energy bill even though McCain voted against it and Obama voted for it.  The attacked McCain on Jack Abramoff, when Obama got $125,000 from him.  They attacked McCain on how many houses he owns, when McCain in fact owns none and Obama owns one very expensive home that he bought in a very shady deal with a man who is now in jail for his criminal dealings in…land and housing.  Now they want to attack Palin based on lack of experience, which is exactly the problem Obama himself is trying to overcome.

If I were Obama, I’d hire someone else to run my campaign for me.

Parting shot: The title of this post is a turnaround on an L.A. Time hitpiece by Sam Harris.  Check out the article, with some humorous (if not sometimes childish) commentary at The Nose on Your Face.

Update: TNOYF reader GeronimoRumplestiltskin gets to the crux of the argument a lot faster and clearer than I did:

So, if McCain is elected, there is a 27% chance that someone with no experience will become president in the 2012-2016 time period, and this is “showing little respect for the presidency”.

However, if Obama is elected, there is a 100% chance that someone with no experience will become president in 4 months, and this is OK.


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