Diary of a Madman

In “Ah Q — The Real Story,” contemporary Chinese writer Lu Xun presented a harsh criticism of modern China. In the words of William A. Lyell:

Contemporary readers saw Ah Q as representing China in miniature: continually humiliated by imperialist powers, China had gained “psychological victories” by boasting about the superiority of her ancient civilization.

I kind of get that same feeling watching MSNBC try to take on Newt Gingrich and then seeing their attempts to look superior after he tears them a new one:

Parting shot: “There were some openings provided by former Speaker Gingrich right there and we’ll get to those?” Is anyone else reminded of a bully trying to trash-talk after he just got the snot beat out of him?

H/T Good Lt.

Update: Text edit for clarification.


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